Lil Uzi Vert Reveals ‘Crackhead’ Gave Him His Name

During a recent appearance on Twitch streamer Trainwreck’s Scuffed podcast, Lil Uzi Vert said that his insurance company tried to cut him off because of his $24 million forehead diamond.

At the 1:03:00 point of the stream’s VOD, Uzi was asked about the piece, which he said was ripped off his forehead when he performed at Rolling Loud Miami earlier this year. “This is actually the back post of it,” he said, gesturing towards where the diamond was and explaining it was an attachment to a piercing. “When I was… It was pretty heavy, it was like ripping my forehead and I had to let it reheal.”

Without confirming whether he has a replacement diamond now that he has the piercing between his brows, he explained how much of a hassle the fashion statement has caused. “I had to really get my shit together,” he continued. “My insurance tried to cut me off, they were like, ‘This kid’s trying to kill himself.’ … Because we knew it was a piercing, my insurance looked at it like, ‘This kid just implanted this diamond in his head, and he’s gonna die.’ They’re retarded. … I really had to call the piercing person and show them low-key… it’s literally a piercing.”

Later on in the interview, Uzi touched upon his rap name. In a 2016 interview with VIBE, the rapper said that someone told him he reminded him of “a little machine gun” because of how fast he could rap. Speaking with the streamers, which included Mr. Beast, Uzi said that person was “a crackhead.”

When asked to confirm if the person made the comment because he rapped fast, Uzi added with a smile, “Yeah, he’s a good guy.”

Watch the full stream, with Uzi appearing at 58:40-mark, above.

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