Flavor Flav Avoids Near Fatal Accident After Boulder Crashed Into His Car

Flavor Flav avoided a near-fatal accident on Tuesday after a boulder from a nearby cliff crashed into his car and caused him to veer off the road.

According to TMZ, the accident occurred as Flav was driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles by the La Tuna Canyon. Since it had rained earlier, some of the rocks from the canyon were loose and caused debris to fall on the road below where the rapper was. One large boulder hit the right side of Flav’s car, totaling the vehicle and causing him to swerve to the side of the road. His reps told the outlet that if the boulder had hit the car just a few feet to the left, it might have been fatal. 

Thankfully, both Flav and his personal driver walked away with no physical injuries and his team later called AAA to pick up the totaled car. Flav’s rep also said that the rapper is “super grateful to be alive” and that “God is good.”

Ironically, Flav got into another serious car accident in Vegas a decade prior, walking away with no injuries as well. That occurred in the city at night when another car crashed into his escalade. In that case, Flav road with the tow truck after his car got totaled but was unharmed.  

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