Jim Jones Recalls Leaving His Home in Boxers to Buy New Outfit at Store

Back in the day, Jim Jones used to wake up, leave his home in boxers, and pull up to the store where he’d buy a whole new outfit on the fly.

“That’s what I used to do in Harlem,” he told HotNewHipHop. “I used to jump out of my car in my boxers and go to the store and get fresh. Then I’d jump back in the ride and get out of there. I’d take a shower, then jump out the car in my boxers and my slippers. I’d go in the store, put on a whole outfit and get out of there.”

When asked whether or not they’d let him in the store in just boxers, he responded, “It’s Harlem.” Jones also said he doesn’t do that “so much” these days.

“I’ve got it together now,” he continued. “I was a little young and just living recklessly. Listening to my uncle’s stories of when he was hustling. It was a lot. It’s way different now. I still get fly though, to the socks. I does this.”

The Dipset rapper knows a thing or two about style. Earlier this year, he sat down with Brian “B.Dot” Miller for Complex Brackets, where Jones was asked who has the best drip in rap, spanning from the 90s to right now. Check out how the assortment of rappers—from Kanye West to Big Daddy Kane—fare below.

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