Hit-Boy Says ‘King’s Disease III’ With Nas Is on the Way

Just hours after surprising fans with their new project Magic, Hit-Boy has confirmed that him and Nas have started work on King’s Disease III.

At midnight on Friday, Nas and Hit-Boy delivered their third collaborative project together with the surprise release of Magic. Announced just hours before it dropped, the record follows the pair’s previous release King’s Disease II from back in August.

In a tweet shared shortly after Magic dropped, Hit-Boy indicated that it’s just a taste of more to come from the duo.

KD3 otw this just to feed the buzz,” wrote Hit-Boy on Twitter. “@Nas my dawg is a maniac.”

Nas also confirmed KD3 on the song “Ugly,” rapping, “I’m on offense every day until I see the love/KD3 on the way, this just to feed the buzz.”

No word on when to expect the third album in the King’s Disease series, but both previous entries were released in August 2020, and August 2021.

At the release party for King’s Disease II earlier this year, Hit-Boy delivered a speech that some perceived as a diss directed at his former collaborator Kanye West. “It’s not a hundred n***as producing the beat,” he said. “It’s not a hundred n***as writing the rhymes, n***a. It’s two n***as in the studio. I hear this shit right now, homie. It’s going down. King’s Disease II. Stream that shit, buy that shit.”

In an appearance on the New Rory & Mal podcast last month, the producer and rapper revealed that he received an email from Jay-Z after footage of his speech made its way online. “I woke up at six in the morning, n***a blitzed from the night before. First thing I see is an email from Jay-Z,” he told the podcast hosts. “That’s the first thing I see. I was like, ‘fuck’ before I even opened it. First sentence in the fucking email was, ‘I saw your speech.’ I’m like, ‘Damn.’”

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