JoJo Announces Engagement to Actor Dexter Darden on Her Birthday

JoJo is engaged to actor Dexter Darden.

The 31-year-old singer took to Instagram on Saturday to announce their engagement. “Forever with YOU? Sign me UP,” she wrote. “Celebrating Christmas a whole fiancé!!! The most thoughtful, creative, positive, handsome, strong, loving, uplifting human being asked me to marry him. So obviously I said YESSS!!!

JoJo, who celebrated her birthday on Dec. 20, added, “Thank you for the most epic birthday surprise ever, and for flying out my mom, your mom, and both of our best friends to share in that incredible moment with us. You are one of one.”

“Yupppppp,” Dexter commented on JoJo’s post, “Thank you for being my forever.”

Darden, 30, who’s been dating JoJo since 2020, is best known for playing Frypan in the Maze Runner movies. He also stars in the Saved By the Bell reboot series.

Earlier this month, the actor spoke to Popsugar about the most romantic thing he’s ever done for his fiancé.

“My girlfriend [JoJo] was preparing for a tour, and I was leaving to go film [Chang Can Dunk]. We weren’t going to have the opportunity to see each other for at least a month, so I called her manager to get her flight information,” he said. “We both had a connecting flight back to Los Angeles that was leaving at the same time but from different cities. I changed my connecting flight to where she was taking off from just so that we could fly back to LA together.”

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