Latto Claps Back at Cleveland Rapper Big Indo Who Claims Latto Stole Song

Latto is firing back at a Cleveland rapper who says the Atlanta native stole her song and aesthetic.

Big Indo called out Latto after she teased her new song on Instagram, which sees Latto wearing an iced-out bikini and panties while walking a goat. “NOT THE BEAT TOO just higher tempo I’m sick cause I looked up to LATTO it look like she been lookin up to me tho or her team stealin sauce,” Indo wrote on IG while comparing clips of her song and Latto’s unreleased track. “I obviously got million dollar ideas.”

Indo blasted Latto for stealing her look for the photo shoot—the bra and panties set—and said there are even similarities in their rapper names. “She went from mullato to ‘BIG LATTO’. I went from ‘Big Indo’ to ‘BIG INDO’. I been ‘big’ indo since I started.”

Indo also took to her IG Story to comment on the situation, writing, “It’s the comments everyone know the real I don’t have to say anything anymore. I don’t have to call nobody out they name keep it cute sis.”

Latto clapped back at Indo on her own IG Story. In a series of captions, Latto set the record straight, writing, “It’s givin… nobody.” She continued, “Y’all really think I’m 1 of the 14 ppl that listened to her before??? Lmao I cannot make thi shit up. I’m over here frustrated af cause IVE NEVER HEARD OF OR SEEN SHAWTY EVER IN MY LIFE!!!! DON’T FLATTER YOURSELF!”

“Like I said … my mamma can drop dead right now if I’m lying,” she wrote in another slide. She also said that the similarities between the songs were a coincidence and that as far as the similar photo shoots go, that was for Latto’s birthday.

After her post went viral, Indo let her fans know that she wasn’t trying to drag Latto: “I said I like HER. It’s the simple fact my song was stolen if not her, her team or someone put it in her face don’t drag what I said. I want to see all my female rappers win just with they own music.”

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