Miley Cyrus Powers Through Wardrobe Malfunction at NYE Performance

Miley Cyrus rang in the new year with a wardrobe malfunction, though she handled things pretty swiftly. 

At the same event where she debuted her new track “You,”  she performed “Party in the USA” at Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party in Miami; unfortunately, the host seemingly lost her top on stage.

Instead of allowing it to derail the show, she threw the article of clothing to the side, walked off stage, and let her background vocalists cover for her. 

Hopping back on stage in a red blazer not long after, Cyrus even improvised a bit and switched the lyrics to “Everybody’s definitely looking at me now,” before promising that she “was still in the most clothes that I’ve ever worn on stage.” 

The moment didn’t take much away from the overall event, which was co-hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, who later lifted up his shirt in solidarity with Cyrus at one point. 

“I heard we had a little boob slip, so in solidarity, here are my boobies,” Davidson said.

At the end of the NBC program, which featured performances by Saweetie, Jack Harlow, and Miley’s sister Noah Cyrus, Miley summed it all up by explaining that she hopes the mentality from the show transfers over to 2022: Being “flexible, rolling with the punches, and making the best out of even the worst circumstances.”

“We’ve all learned how to expect the unexpected, and rather than see it as a problem, let’s see it as an opportunity,” she said, per People. “I wish everyone here in Miami and everyone watching from home a happy and healthy 2022. Thank you for making tonight possible. You were really all that I needed to have the ultimate party.”

Before the event earlier last month, Davidson and Cyrus took to The Tonight Show as Miley serenaded her co-host with a cover of Yvonne Fair’s “It Should Have Been Me.” You can check that out here

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