Asian Doll Addresses Podcast Walkout After Verbal Altercation With Host

Asian Doll addressed an incident from Monday that saw her walk out of a podcast recording after getting into a dispute with one of the hosts.

The Dallas rapper was speaking with the Fresh & Fit podcast on Monday when co-host Myron “Fit” Gaines became upset other people were chatting during the recording. “Guys, sidebar conversation, please,” Gaines said. “I’ve told you, you know this is like the fifth time I told you that, right? Like stop, for real, like stop.”

“He mean as fuck,” Doll said. Gaines’ co-host, Walter “Fresh” Weekes defended Gaines, saying Doll continued to have other conversations during the podcast, which apparently breaks the show’s “rules.”

“She’s been doing it for the whole show, I’m not mean as fuck. I just have rules, simple,” Gaines said.

Doll then called him a “mean ass n***a” under her breath, and the two kept going at it, prompting Gaines to say, “Okay, then you can get the fuck off the show, too. … You can go. You’re not gon’ come on the platform disrespecting me.”

“He’s hot, I’m calm,” Doll replied. The show resumed for a while, but Gaines eventually left the studio, as did the rapper.

Asian Doll took to Twitter on Tuesday to share her perspective, telling her fans, “I was so calm yesterday cause I knew what he was tryna do.. Mr. Freddy cougar was Finna get beat down elm street off camera I’m thankful for the growth & self control & im happy I defended another black woman cause he was treating her sooooo bad ugh!”

“Yeah it’s 2022 we ain’t doing allat,” she added.

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