24-Year-Old Indiana Rapper Lil Devin Murdered at Family NYE Party

Indiana rapper Lil Devin was murdered at his family’s home while celebrating New Year’s Eve party on Friday night.

According to ABC 8 News, Lil Devin, born Devin Swain, was attacked in his family’s home by several men who stormed into the house during the party wearing black ski masks. Authorities say Swain was injured in the chest and died on his way to the hospital.

The tragic home invasion has Swain’s family reeling, many of whom were there when the murder took place. Lil Devin’s brother, Donald Cox, told FOX59 that his family is still trying to pick up the pieces from the loss.

“It was traumatic — very traumatic [and] something that I wouldn’t want anyone to ever go through,” Cox said. “I wouldn’t wish that on anyone’s family. It’s definitely hard, we never really expected something like this to come about to such a phenomenal person. He was just one of those people that believed in me before I even believed in myself.”

Not only was Lil Devin a rising rapper in Indiana, but he also acted as a mentor to other young artists in his city who had aspirations for making it. One of his mentees,  14-year-old Rashawn Samuels, described Devin as a “good person and he was all about all the kids staying in school, doing good, listen to your parents,” adding, “He was a good, respectful, loving person.”

Police are still searching for those responsible for Lil Devin’s murder.

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