Young Dolph Murder Suspect Allegedly Says He Will Turn Himself In

The Memphis rapper known as Straight Drop, who is alleged to be Young Dolph murder suspect Justin Johnson, has apparently taken to Instagram to share that he’s going to turn himself in. 

Instagram user @straightdroppp took to the app on Saturday to criticize news coverage of his criminal history and announce that he will be turning himself in to authorities: “Turning myself in Monday @201,” he wrote. “I’m innocent. I’ll be back sooner than you can blink.”

Instagram Stories post from @straightdroppp
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The rapper also shared a clip of local news coverage from ABC 24, calling it a “BS ass Blog.”

As previously reported, the U.S. Marshals Service announced an investigation into Johnson and on Wednesday, and offered a $15,000 reward—alongside the Memphis Police Department, Crime Stoppers, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI)—for information on the whereabouts of the 23-year-old, who is being accused of shooting Dolph at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies in November.

Johnson, who was added to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s Most Wanted list, had a first-degree murder warrant issued against him by police and is already dealing with an outstanding warrant over an alleged violation of his federal supervised release. 

TMZ previously reported that Johnson uploaded a music video filmed at what appeared to be the home where the getaway car from Dolph’s murder was found. And as XXL shared, the MC is seen wearing a PRE pendant attached to a wallet chain in another music video. 

“Losing Adolph, Dolph, Man-Man, changes our lives forever,” Dolph’s family said. “And while we will take each day as it comes, we are comforted in knowing that he leaves a legacy that reflects his heart. A heart that was for his family. A heart that was for the people.”

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