CPO Boss Hogg, Artist Formerly Signed to Death Row Records, Has Died

CPO Boss Hogg, real name Vince Edwards, has passed away.

His death was confirmed by rapper E-A-Ski and journalist Chad Kiser. CPO was previously signed to Death Row Records.

It’s unknown how the Compton, California native died, though, according to his Instagram, he was dealing with some health issues. Ambrosia For Heads reports that CPO also endured congestive heart failure in 2010.

CPO was originally part of the group Capital Punishment Organization, as Lil Nation, alongside members DJ Train and Young D. They released their debut studio album, 1990’s To Hell and Black under Capitol Records—and CPO appeared on N.W.A.’s song “Findum, Fuckum & Flee” on their sophomore album, 1991’s N***az4Life.

CPO changed his name from Lil Nation to his current moniker, and then subsequently joined Death Row. He later appeared on the soundtracks for 1994’s Above the Rim and Murder Was the Case, with his biggest song on 2Pac’s debut under Death Row, 1996’s All Eyez On Me.

In 1995, as his rap career started to take a downturn, CPO picked up a job as a receptionist in order to support his family. But When he found out 2Pac had signed to Death Row, the two had a conversation that altered CPO’s life, per HipHopDX.

“I said, ‘What’s up Pac?’ and he said, ‘What’s up, who is this?’ I said, ‘CPO.’ He said, ‘What’s up, CPO.’ I said, ‘I had a vision,’ and he said, ‘What was it?’ I said, ‘To do a song with Tupac.’ He said ‘Should I do a song with you, do one with me.’ I said, ‘Cool, we got to do that one day.’ He said, ‘N***a, I’m here now.’ I was like, ‘Okay.” And I hung the phone up. Then me and the homies went to the studio,” CPO previously recalled.

That was the day they recorded the All Eyez On Me album cut “Picture Me Rollin’.” In later years, CPO guested on albums by Warren G and The Eastsidaz, and other projects connected to Snoop Dogg.

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