Las Vegas Michael Jackson Impersonator Filmed Fighting With Drunk

Michael Jackson impersonator Santana Jackson has gone viral after a clip showed him performing an impressive beat down on a Las Vegas drunk.

Jackson, who is also a pro wrestler in addition to his work as an MJ impersonator, was filmed dealing with a man in a green shirt who he said came out of nowhere causing trouble. Funnily enough, the person who recorded the clip had a good enough sense of humor to zoom in on the unidentified man’s shirt, which reads, “You can’t fix stupid.”

After the clip went viral online, Jackson shared a repost of the video along with a statement on the matter. “That’s why I train I’m not trying to hurt this guy just trying to restrain him from swinging at me,” he wrote. “So I was performing and this guy came out of nowhere and started hitting me so I have to put him down for his own good. Please know I don’t think fighting is the answer so try to avoid a fight if u can. Stay safe.”

TMZ has since spoken to Jackson, who reiterated that he did not want to be violent with the man but felt as though he had no choice. “I was doing a song, I’m dancing to ‘Smooth Criminal,’ and then the guy walked over to me. I thought he was trying to give me a compliment or something, [but] he hits me in the face. Hit me right in my face.”

He explained that the video was recorded moments after he was struck, and he initially tried to deescalate the situation before he continued to berate him. “I had my hands up,” he said, “I didn’t want to hurt the guy, I knew something was wrong with him.” When the man got up, he wanted to fight Jackson again, but he “turned around and hit the police in the face.” The man was arrested shortly after, Jackson added.

Watch the viral clip above.

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