Master P Seemingly Responds to Wack 100’s Jabs: ‘We Have to Stop Comparing’

Master P is done with comparisons. 

The legendary MC took to Instagram on Friday, just days after Wack 100 claimed on Clubhouse that Nick Cannon makes more money than P—saying “Master P ain’t got 20 percent of Nick Cannon’s money.” Wack also argued that P doesn’t own his masters and owes taxes to the government, all of which seemingly inspired the rapper’s latest post. 

Without mentioning Wack 100 by name in his post, Master P shared a clip from an interview he did with Cannon, writing that the multi-talented star is his “brother from another mother.”

“We’ve got a lot of love and respect for each other,” Master P shared. “We discussed this a couple months ago the three types of people: poor-minded people think and talk about money, rich people collect material things and wealth-minded people produce ideas that create success. The Bible says our people perish from lack of knowledge. As a culture we have to stop comparing, self-hating and tearing each other down. Let’s educate and empower the next generation.”

Wack previously claimed that “the feds took his catalog” and that “Nick Cannon got real money, for real.”

“Real, real money. I’m like, ‘How is [Master P] talking to this n—a about what he doing and you ain’t nowhere in place, my n—a. You can’t even stand with this man on a bad day,” he said. “Who is you, bro, to be telling this n—a about his business decisions and your business decisions ain’t been right for damn near twenty years!?”

Cannon himself has been through a lot this year, and deserves all the respect he can get from P and beyond, after coping with the loss of his five-month-old son Zen late last year. He announced the loss on an episode of the daytime Nick Cannon Show, and expanded on his feelings in an interview with People

“We were having quality-of-life conversations,” Cannon said. “We could have had that existence where he would’ve had to live in the hospital, hooked up to machines, for the rest of the time. From someone who’s had to deal with chemotherapy before, I know that pain. To see that happen to a 2-month-old, I didn’t want that. I didn’t want him to suffer.” 

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