50 Cent Reacts to Gucci Mane Rapping About Jeezy’s Late Friend Pookie Loc

50 Cent is a master at trolling, and the rapper’s most recent reminder came in the form of him reacting to Gucci Mane name-dropping Jeezy’s dead friend in Guwop’s new song with Lil Durk , “Rumors.”

50 took to Instagram to comment on the bar in the new song, chuckling as he recited the verse.

“yo this shit be crazy out here stay dangerous, that way you feel safe.🤨 Get the strap! 😆 Gucci say he smokin on pooky Loc,” 50 captioned the post.

The lyrics in question are, “D.A. dropped my murder, didn’t have evidence to prove it/I think my house is haunted, yeah, by who? The ghost of Pookie.”

Gucci Mane and Jeezy have had a long-standing beef that dates back to 2005, when the two would spar over diss tracks. Things took a turn after Gucci was charged with the murder of Jeezy’s friend and rap associate Henry “Pookie Loc” Lee Clark III and went to prison. Many believed the two Southern staples buried the hatchet after they shared a moment together during their Verzuz battle last year, but these lyrics suggest there still could be some bad blood.

50 Cent believed Jeezy only did the Verzuz out of desperation, explaining on the Morning Hustle that he thought the hit battle show was something reserved for quarantine and had become played out.

“Soon as we come back outside I’m like, I don’t know why we’re still doing [Verzuz],” 50 said. “I think when they did the Jeezy, Gucci Mane, I think that that was desperation on Jeezy’s part trying to sell a record. … No, the record didn’t sell.”

Jeezy has yet to respond to Gucci’s new bars.

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