Bow Wow Regrets His Rap Career After A Two Day Social Media Troll Attack –

The trolls have finally broken the spirits of Bow Wow. The young rapper returned to Twitter this morning to express some regrets about certain career choices in his life. 

Bow Wow


The rapper was asked by a fan on social media, “Do you have any regrets [in] the music business? If you could have done it all again, what would you change?” The former child star said, “Just movies and never music,” indicating that he wishes he’d never been a rapper.

All of this started on social media when the trolls claimed they couldn’t name 3 songs he made in his career and questioned his contributions to hip-hop culture. Supporters of “Mr. 106 & Park” retaliated, citing his accomplishments and the major influence he had in the 2000s.  Bow Wow then proceeded to go back and forth between trolls and fans who defended his legacy.

To put some respek on his name, published 5 Things To Consider When Rating Bow Wow’s Groundbreaking Career.

Should Bow Wow Thanos his groundbreaking rap career?

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