“I Was At A Point Where Suicide Was A Consideration” – SOHH.com

During NLE Choppa’s Breakfast Club interview, he got rather open about his spiritual journey and how he Has been coping with being a celebrity. 

NLE Choppa


NLE told listeners that there was a point when he “felt empty” despite being in the spotlight as an artist. 

He said God came to him after he prayed every day for two years to be “a light” in the industry.

The Shotta Flow rapper also talked about how meditation helped him “feel like superman” and got his mind back in the right place mentally.

The 19-year-old rapper also disclosed that he had to remove many people from his circle because they weren’t helping him get out of a terrible state of mind. He said, “I would feel used.”

NLE is known for having out-of-the-box perspectives, especially pertaining to health and well-being. The vegan rapper recently shared that he’s launching a natural “BBL” product to help women augment their figures without the risk of surgery.

The Memphis rapper has been slowly building up the rollout to his new album, Me Vs Me, now scheduled for release on February 4th. NLE has pushed back his album numerous times in the last few weeks leaving his fanbase upset. Choppa’s latest reason for pushing back the album was “out of respect” for the Paper Route Tribute album that was scheduled to drop the same day in honor of Young Dolph.

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