Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Sued for Alleged Fight With Head of Security

TMZ has learned that a lawsuit has been filed against Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty for allegedly sucker-punching the head of security. 

The incident stems from a March 2019 show in Germany where Nicki allegedly became irate with a female security staffer over a male concertgoer getting onstage during her performance. Thomas Weidenmuller, head of security, decided to step in when the guard started crying after the rapper was yelling and calling her a “f**king bitch.” Weidenmuller allegedly recorded the interaction. 

Nicki is said to have then turned her anger towards Weidenmuller, asking him, “Who do you think you are?” He claims she also threw a shoe at him but missed.

Weidenmuller claims he was called back into Nicki’s room where she laid into him once again. During this interaction, Weidenmuller alleges that Petty came out of nowhere, punched him in the face, and broke his jaw. Weidenmuller claims to have undergone eight surgeries to address his alleged injuries from the attack, and will require six additional operations. He allegedly has five plates in his face from previous procedures to fix his jaw. 

Weidenmuller is seeking an unspecified amount in damages, as well as coverage of his medical bills. A rep for Nicki Minaj declined to comment on the lawsuit. 

Minaj and Petty also remain embroiled in a legal battle with Jennifer Hough, who plans on refiling her harassment lawsuit against the couple in the state of California where they currently reside. Hough claimed in her original lawsuit that she was sexually assaulted by Petty in 1994, one year prior to his attempted rape conviction which came with a four-year prison sentence. 

Hough alleges she was approached by associates working for Nicki, who offered her $500,000 to rescind her story. Minaj denies any attempt to bribe, threaten, or silence Hough. “In fact, I emphatically told her that I did not want her to lie about anything and to tell the truth about what she had just revealed to me only if she was comfortable with doing so,” Nick said, according to court docs. 

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