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Tasha K has responded to losing the libel lawsuit filed by Cardi B.  The gossip blogger launched into a frazzled rant on Twitter, claiming she told no lies and maintained that she is innocent.  Yeah… she got roasted.

Cardi B vs Tasha K


Tasha K is refusing to accept defeat. The gossip blogger was found liable for defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress by a Georgia judge and was charged $4 million in damages.  In an animated rant on social media, Tasha K pretty much denied and negated it all.

The messy queen tweeted “No LIES were told on anyone. I never admitted to lying about anything.”  She then proceeded to tell the public that she didn’t throw anyone “under the bus.” Tasha blathered on that “mostly everything reported was a lie from the inside” and that the court transcripts will be available to the public soon.” 

The federal libel case has spanned years and Cardi’s win has resulted in Tasha K having to pay millions in attorney fees, medical expenses, and other damages. 

The Internet is calling cap on her and proceeded to hound her to admit her wrongs.  A Cardi supporter even posted a video where Tasha K mentions she knows everything is fake and didn’t care, admitting that Cardi B tried to settle the matter out of court because they were both mothers.

Cardi B is celebrating the end of a years-long battle in court. She won her libel case against blogger Tasha K, who was proven to have spread lies about the rapper being a prostitute and having STIs.  The massive win is a warning to bloggers to watch what you say… or pay a heavy price.

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