Snoop Dogg Calls Out Uber Eats After Driver Didn’t Deliver Food

Snoop Dogg has beef with Uber Eats.

The rapper took to Instagram to post a video of him messaging a driver with the service who didn’t want to deliver his food.

“Motherfucker from fuckin’ Uber Eats didn’t bring my fuckin’ food,” Snoop can be heard saying. “Talking about he arrived. ‘This is not a safe place.’ Punk motherfucker—where my food at n***a? You got all my goddamn money, punk.”

The driver apparently messaged Snoop saying he arrived but didn’t know where exactly to deliver the food. The driver then wrote, “This is not a safe place.” Snoop responded and gave the driver better directions, writing, “Yes it is pull up to the gate” and “the black gate n drop off the food I paid 4.”

It’s unclear whether or not Snoop got his food. He dissed Uber Eats in the clip’s caption as well, writing “Uber eats where my food at” and “Post mates holla at me.”

Earlier this month, Snoop got into the food business himself by filing a trademark for his hot dog brand Snoop Doggs. “Snoop’s attorneys filed it as a so-called intent-to-use application, meaning Snoop has not yet launched a brand, but that he has a serious intent to do so,” Billboard wrote of the rapper’s impending trademark.

The news of Snoop Doggs follows the Doggfather’s venture into the liquor business last year, when he partnered with Prestige Beverage Group and Trusted Spirits for his Indoggo gin.

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