Doja Cat Is A Space Baddie In “Get Into It (Yuh)” Video –

Doja Cat returns to her alien world with a video for her hit song Get Into It (Yuh).

Doja Cat


Keeping in the intergalactic theme for her album Planet Her, the visual shows Doja as a space commander fighting a battle in space to rescue her pet cat, Starscream, who has been abducted by a ghoulish E.T. 

Doja and her all-woman space crew go on a mission in pink wigs and thongs as they dance around the command station.

Throughout the song, Doja borrows heavily from Nicki Minaj, who turned down appearing on the original track.  However, Nicki is given a shoutout at the tail end by Doja, who said “Thank you Nicki, we love you!”

It’s her second video off the album, with “Woman” dropping first. 

Doja Cat recently had to cancel tour dates as she tested positive for COVID-19 back in December.

For her last release for Planet Her, Doja Cat has partnered with Girls Who Code to release the ‘first’ codable music video.  Interactive music videos have been around for a while, but Doja is breaking ground with the first music video that will show young girls how to code.

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