Nicki Minaj Gets A 9 From Kevin Samuels –

Nicki Minaj just hosted an Instagram Live with controversial Image consultant Kevin Samuels to promote her upcoming song with Lil Baby Do We Have A Problem. The conversation was surprising with Samuels soft-balling Nicki throughout.

Nicki Minaj


As is custom with all of his interviews, Samuels first asked Nicki to rate herself. Nicki gave herself a 7, typically a no-no for Samuels who notoriously has told women that they are not allowed to give themselves a rating of 7 because it is a “safe answer”.

Kevin Samuels has a reputation for making demeaning comments about women during his relationship advice sessions on Youtube.  However, Samuels rated Nicki a 9, shocking viewers who said he was giving Nicki special celebrity treatment. He said he rated her that high because her facial features are “symmetrical” and for her size 4, 5’3″ petite physique.

During the Live, Nicki also talked about wanting Black women to pursue whatever romantic interests they like and do not worry about appeasing “high-value men,” a value Samuels often pushes.

Nicki got into some talk about her sex life with hubby, Kenneth Petty, saying she expects intercourse three times per night and that she likes to climax with her partner. 

She also discussed how motherhood has changed her, citing how she opted out of being on Gunna’s new album out of a desire to be “less explicit.”

Nicki recently shared a trailer for the video of the soon-to-be-released song Lil Baby and the Barbz are going nuts. 

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