Fans Say Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Are Having Twins –

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky gave us the first glimpse of her growing belly on Monday. The pictures show her and Rocky strolling under a Harlem bridge as she sported a pink jacket and an exposed, bejeweled baby bump.  Now she’s giving fans candid shots of her bump and the speculation on who’s inside… and how many… has begun.



Rihanna is clearly hyped for the new addition… or shall we say “additions” to her family.  Fans are calling “twins” after Riri posted pics to her Instagram of her growing baby bump with the caption, “How the gang is pulling up to black history month.”

This post led social media users to believe she could be having twins as she referred to  “the gang” – plural. Of course, it could be that the mogulmom-to-be is referring to herself, Rocky, and just one baby growing inside of her. But fans can speculate and hope.

It appears A$AP Rocky gave a subliminal reveal on social media of Riri’s pregnancy and due date – days before the official announcement.  Rocky dropped some clues two weeks ago that fans did not pick up on. In an inaudible video clip, Rocky drops a hint about him and RiRi’s joyous baby news. Rocky looked straight into the camera and held up six fingers – for 6 months pregnant, 3 fingers for 3 more months to go, and a cradle rocked with his arms for…  “BABY.”  

A$AP Rocky is also set to headline the Smokers Club Festival soon in April. April is the same month that Rih and Rocky are unofficially delivering their child, which could affect Rocky’s appearance at the festival.  The Smoker’s Club Fest is set to be hosted at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino on April 30th.

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