Cardi B on Why She Suspects There’s ‘Something Wrong’ With Water in Atlanta

Something’s in the water, at least according to Cardi B

Cardi hopped on Instagram Live on Sunday to warn her followers about the water quality in Atlanta, arguing there’s “something wrong” with it and that it’s been damaging her skin. She’s had to settle for some remedies that evidently aren’t working well, either. 

“Let me tell you something, and I’m gonna say I was afraid to say it,” Cardi said in a clip now posted by Akademiks. “But I believe that there is something wrong with the water in Atlanta. Because, while I was in Atlanta, my face just started getting so dry and irritated. I kept putting moisturizer to the point that it started getting so irritated that I started putting Vaseline on, the old school way.”

Even a week after she left Atlanta, Cardi says things haven’t cleared up with her skin and nothing seems to be fixing the problem. As she tells it, her face is “still so fucking dry” and spending time playing in the snow didn’t help, either. 

“Do any of y’all have suggestions of what type of moisturizer I should wear,” Cardi asked her fans. “Because, bro, I feel like I’ve been trying everything. My face is so irritated, it just feels itchy and dry.”

In other Cardi news, last month  she was awarded roughly $4.05 million in her legal victory against blogger Tasha K. The legal action came after a “malicious campaign” from Tasha, according to Cardi’s team, where she accused the rapper of having STIs and having “fucked” beer bottles, among other unsubstantiated claims.

“We all saw the videos,” Cardi said after the win. “You know how hurtful things were…this was very hard for me. It put me into a lot of emotional distress. These past couple of years have been difficult for me, and constantly reliving it has been very hard for me.” 

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