Soulja Boy Says He and Kanye ‘All Good’ After Beef Appeared to Be Renewed

There’s no animosity between Soulja Boy and the artist formerly known as Kanye West, Soulja confirmed. 

In a string of Instagram Stories, Soulja shared a text exchange between himself and Ye, in which Ye asked him to not “bring up me or my wife no more,” before Soulja called him “lame as fuck.” 

“Go get yo bitch back,” Soulja wrote. 

Shortly after Soulja’s jabs, Ye seemed to want to make amends relatively quickly, sending Soulja a photo of one of his Stem Players and asking for a verse on his new album. 

“I need to send you this Stem Player,” Ye wrote. “You was the first to break YouTube. Need that Donda 2 verse.”

Writing on his Stories, Soulja then said that the banter was “just a lil friendly jokes and fun,” and that he and Kanye are “all good.” This comes just days after he told Ye on Instagram Live that “Skete got yo bitch,” and that he’s “running around Hollywood crying like a bitch.”

“Don’t think I’m against him,” he wrote in his latest story. “We spoke, we got figure it out. We both two smart individuals chasing out dreams. We both act lil crazy sometimes but we know what we doing. It’s all love never get it confused.”

In the past, Soulja and Ye have made headlines together after Soulja publicly aired out his concerns over Ye leaving his verse off Donda cut “Remote Control.” The beef was seemingly squashed after Ye told Soulja that he “should have told you I wasn’t gonna use the verse” and shared those texts to Instagram after blasting Soulja’s unused bars on Drink Champs

“Kanye, you drop the most trash shit, n****,” Soulja later told The Breakfast Club in response to Ye’s “Remote Control” jokes. “You ain’t never dropped a trash song in your life? So that motherfuckin’ Yeezus album wasn’t trash?” 

For now, though, the two seem to be on good terms—and fans may finally hear how they sound together on wax when Donda 2 (hopefully) arrives on Tuesday… if you bought a Stem Player, that is. 

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