Ada’s Kids is all about enjoying life. Of course, you must be able to do so without going broke. That’s the reason why we have events that promote wealth building AND entertainment. You could show up expecting a simple show and receive a surprise guest. On top of the guest, you might be pulled on stage by an investor who would want to include you in a deal of theirs. Have fun, and get money.

Oh yeah, the subscription is $10 upfront then only $2 per month.

Build the bank, then blow the budget with these perks:


General Public

Step Kids

Access to unreleased media

Access to private events

Discounted artist booking price

Pay wholesale prices for merch

Deep discounts on event entrance

Opportunities for investing with company's network

Incentives to perfom with artist(s)

If you receive an error message upon submission DON'T submit again. Check your email. The transaction likely went through. If issues persists, email us at Support@Adaskids.com.

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